September 1984

Unsung athletes seek support
by Mark

   Wednesday was the exciting, emotional Homecoming assembly to pep up the athletic teams. Today the soccer team clashes with Libertyville in the team's homecoming game. Tomorrow the Maine South football team goes for its first homecoming victory ... ever.
   The Maine South Cross Country Team (MSCCT) had its homecoming meet Tuesday.
   This caught all the fans who wanted to watch the race off guard.
   At away meets the fans are ruthless. Upon stepping out of the bus at each school we go to, the student jeering section yells, "Go home, Hawks! Nobody wants you!" and other assorted comments not to be found in a school newspaper.
   The crowds at the races trip us at every possible instance. At the starting line we are ceremoniously "pantsed" by the home team.
   Ah! It's good to be home ...
   It is no fun, though, being in a sport that is thought of as a torture for being late to class or cutting physical education. Many times freshmen have to see "if the light is still working at the corner." Worse yet is at the feeling of victory, the body feels defeat. Fans enjoy seeing a thrilled player yelling and screaming rather than a runner hacking and wheezing.
   On Tuesday, only two of the three teams scheduled to race came to Woodrow Field. Obviously, the rumor of a large hostile crowd scared off Ridgewood. Lane Tech and Taft showed up and lost in front of a paid crowd of zero (0).
   The crowd lacked the cheerleaders; they didn't show up. Nor did the Hawkettes. No, not even the Pep Council showed up. Despite the lack of school athletic supporters, a new MSCC "total in the house" record of five people showed up, the majority of whom were Lamkens.
   Despite the lack of fans the team defeated both Taft and Lane Tech, becoming one of the few teams to beat two other teams in its homecoming game or meet. If this sounds impressive, check your Maine South athletic schedules (which are located on the floors in the halls) for more meets "coming to a course near you."
   As I awoke from the thought of the homecoming race, I heard Coach yelling, "Those guys in green are the ones to beat." My mind said I was tired; my body said I was tired. Coach said, "The team needs it. Glenbrook North is a conference team." As the deafening silence from the crowd rung on in my ears, my body glided towards the finish line on that Tuesday, Sept. 11.
   It is fun, though, being on a team where a runner competes against the clock but a competitor battles the competition and himself, conquering himself to help conquer the opponent.
   Well, maybe I'll see you at a Mathletes meet sometime.