February 1985

Colors reflect personality
by Katy M

   Colors can tell much about a person. Everyone has favorite colors and colors that are favorable to wear, but those may not be the right ones suited to their coloring.
   According to Carole Jackson, color consultant and author of Color Me Beautiful, the way to choose the most suitable colors is to decide the color skin tone a person has.
   Skin that has a blue undertone looks better in colors of summers and winters, while golden undertones distinguish autumns and springs. The main colors of summer are soft colors with blue undertones, like powder pink and sky blue. A characteristic of summers is a visible pink tone in the skin. Winter's colors are vivid and cool, like black, true green, and true red. People who look best in winter colors usually have dark hair and deep-colored eyes.
   Autumns wear warm colors, and look good in oranges and browns. Most redheads are autumns, and autumns frequently have brown or green eyes. Spring colors are clear and warm, and include many shades of cool pinks and paler oranges. Many springs are blue-eyed blondes, with a brightness in their skin tones. In choosing the colors most suitable to skin tone, experimenting should be done.
   Colors must also correspond to personality. A very quiet conservative person does not look good in bright, wild patterns. For girls, makeup is also very important in choosing colors. If makeup colors are good, then it is important to choose other colors that correspond. Colors also help solve specific figure problems.
   Colors can tell others about the kind of person someone is. If bright colors are worn, a bright, happy attitude is conveyed to others. If dull colors are worn, or colors not suitable to a person's skin tone, then a poor self-image is projected.