January 1983

Walkman seen as hazardous by some

by Kathy

   It has got to be one of the biggest fads right now. You see it "everywhere," even in the halls at Maine South, and that's where the problem begins. It is the Walkman-type radio, a portable radio complete with head phones.
   There are no radios allowed at Maine South, and, according to Mr. Reczkiwicz, Assistant Principal, a Walkman is a radio. However, students continue to bring them to school, listen to them in the halls, lounge and even study halls.
    Many students of Maine South believe that Walkman should be allowed at school in restricted places or under certain conditions.
   Sasha '84, "I don't consider them a distraction if the volume is kept at a moderate level. I think they should be allowed in lounge and the halls, however study halls are another story."
   Ingrid '84, "I think they're okay in lounge but not in the halls."
'84, "As long as the noise doesn't affect me, I don't care whether or not someone is listening to one. However, when I'm in a study hall and the teacher yells at a student because they are listening to one, that's when I get annoyed."
    Felecia '84, "I think it should be allowed in study halls and lounge because I don't think they affect people around you."
     Chuck '84, "I think it should be allowed anywhere except academic classes because they don't disturb anyone else, and the person should have the right to listen to music when he/she isn't being taught anything."
   John '86, "I think they should be allowed in study halls and lounge because they don't interfere with anyone learning."
   Other students, however, believe that the Walkman is a nuisance and should not be allowed in Maine South.
   Beth '86, "It's harder to concentrate in study hall when someone is listening to a Walkman."
   Leo '83, "What are we here for? To listen to music?"
   Beth Ann '84, "In the halls, the Walkman could become a dangerous problem."
   At the present time, Walkmans are technically not allowed at Maine South. However, it remains to be seen what will happen in the future, or if the issued will be enforced more strongly.