November 1982

Video tips for new trend

   "I would say that the video age is sweeping the country. In the last three years, more and more people are buying video recorders and equipment," claimed Mr. Scott Stern of Video Adventure, 5101 North Harlem, Chicago.
   There are two types of video recorders: VHS and Beta. The main differences are in tape size and time. Beta also gives a somewhat clearer picture.
   According to Mr. Stern, some of the top-selling brands of video machines are Hitachi, NEC, GE, Sony, JVC and Zenith.
   As far as the best kind to buy, Mr. Stern recommends, "Probably one of the best Beta recorders is Sony. When buying a VHS, I would go with JVC."
   Prices of video recorders range from $499 to $1200. An added expense is tapes. A blank tape may be priced from $10.99 to $21.99. A wide variety of movies is available on video tape, rated G, PG, R and adult. These tapes cost from $39.95 to $120.
   Another piece of equipment used with video recorders is the portable camera. Mr. Stern said that the best kind is a character camera or titling camera. These cameras run about $1200.
   "A camera definitely makes portable recorders more useful," stated Mr. Stern.
   When asked, most students like video recorders, believing that they are useful and provide entertainment. Teachers also agreed, and video equipment is even used at school to enhance learning material. The only disadvantage mentioned was the high cost of much video equipment.
   "Video recorders are a good investment because people are always on the go, work all the time or are in school, and they now get to see anything on TV they may have missed," said Scott Stern.
   "It's starting to be a video age. Recorders are a good form of entertainment," concluded Mr. Stern. "Video recorders are very useful and will be around for a long, long time."