February 1983

A "couple" of good times in group dating

by Kim

   Point--Girl's choice, prom, and the homecoming dance are all situations that involve dating.
   Counterpoint--Going out with a group of people, girls and guys, can sometimes be more fun, because it does not involved dating pressure.
   When you think of dating, you think of a boy driving up in his parents' car with a corsage for the girl, both dressed in their Sunday clothes, with a curfew of ten o'clock.
   Now that we're in the 1980's, dating has taken on a completely different meaning. Girls are now asking out guys, a taboo until just recently. But the problem of peer pressure has created another form of dating, group dating. Now I don't mean for that to sound like something kinky; I mean when more than one couple go out together.
   Oftentimes, it is not only a group of couples that go out together, but just a group of friends that enjoy each others' company. This type of going out takes away all of that unnecessary pressure of what do I wear, where will we go, is he/she cute enough, will he give me his class ring, etc., etc., leaving more time for fun and enjoyment.
    This type of dating has been very successful among high school and college students. More people prefer going out with a group of friends than going on a date. The advantages include not having to worry about what will happen if you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend because your friends will always be there for you.
   Asking Maine South students this past week what they though about group dating, I found the majority of the people asked already have a group of friends they hang around with. Some people prefer having a group of separate couples, some prefer just a group of friends.
   There still remains one problem caused by group dating: what to do for a prom date. Some people go with someone from outside their group of friends, but more people end up going with someone who is just a friend. What is the matter with that, as long as you have a good time together? And, who knows, maybe your friendship will prove to be something more than just a friendship. All I know is, group dating seems more beneficial to all, so why not give it a try!