January 1983

Boys, are you afraid to cry in public?

by Maria

   Emotions are experienced differently by each person. One emotion hard to express at times is sadness or crying. When this feeling comes long, guys tend to chicken out--afraid to be seen in public. Here are a few comments from students when asked why they think many guys are afraid to cry.
   Odette and Heidi '83, "Real men should be able to show their emotions. They have tear ducts too!"
   Gary '83, "I believe you should show your true emotions if the situation calls for it. But crying is definitely out!"
   "I would cry?" Michael '83.
   Karen '83, "More power to them! The way we go about expressing our emotions sets each of us apart. Those who don't are all the same--boring!"
   Julie '83, "Guys have a different way of expressing their emotions than girls do. Most guys show anger when they really feel sadness. Maybe because they are embarrassed."
   Kim '83, "I think guys are afraid they will not be as strong if they cry, but the guys who do show their real emotions are the stronger ones."
   Brian '83, "Guys should show their emotions just like anyone would. It doesn't show they are weak, it shows a strength."
   Jim '83, "I show emotions sometimes. I only show them when a situation leads me beyond control. It's not a sin to cry, so why be embarrassed? I'll admit it doesn't happen too often, but it does happen."
   Dave '84, "I think guys should be able to show their emotions, and yes, I have cried after a loss."
   Sue '84, "They usually express their feelings verbally."
   Jamie '84, "They usually express their feelings physically."
   Michelle '84, "Most guys think that if they cry, people will think of them as immature."
   Douglas '83, "I don't really cry in public, but I do cry. I usually hold in my bad emotions until I'm at home with my good friends."
   Mark '83, "I usually get in a very crabby mood, but I guess I only cry when something really hurts bad enough."
   Ann '86, "Who says that guys are afraid to show their emotion?"
   Duane '84, "I usually just get upset, probably mad since I don't like to show my emotions in front of people."
   Joel '84, "I rarely cry, but when something gets me sad I get bummed all day."
   Candi '86, "Guys are afraid to show their emotions because they are afraid to act their true self in front of their friends."