March 1983

Fashion springs back to the fifties

by Kris

   The outlook on teen fashion for spring of '83 seems to be full of color, vitality and comfort.
   Older, outdated styles, especially from the 1950's, are making a big comeback. The old standby's, denim, T-shirts and cottons, are making an even bigger fashion statement this year.

   Of course, the miniskirt remains one of the most popular fashion articles. Ranging in new lengths from very short to just above the knee, miniskirts are now found in dozens of fabrics and colors to match almost anything. In cotton, denim, linen or other materials, miniskirts can be worn with T-shirts or sweatshirts for a casual look and can be dressed up with a ruffled top and pretty accessories.
   The nifty fifties look has definitely returned. Not only is the miniskirt a descendant of this era, but pants that look like floods--ending two or three inches above the ankle--are again worn with sneakers or high heels, just like mom did in her teens.
   Capri pants, which taper and end just below the knee, bowling shirts, flared skirts and saddle shoes all take on new looks in the rainbow of colors of the 80's.
   Brand-new looks with one of the most favored fabrics in the world--denim--are also on this spring's fashion scene. Striped jeans are the most popular, worn with absolutely any kind of tops and shoes for either a casual or dressy look. Stone-washed denim is a new look which is faded and softened to be comfortable as well as classy and fashionable.
   Denim takes on updated colors like purple, red, pink or turquoise by many methods of dyeing.
   The ever fashionable denim jacket, especially oversized, completes any outfit with style.
   The biggest word in spring fashion this year is color! Bright pinks, purples, blues, greens, reds, oranges, yellows--indeed, every color of the rainbow can be mixed and matched this season for a vibrant, youthful appearance--pastels, too, in pinks, yellow, purples and blues, especially.
   Patterns are also mixed--plaids, stripes, argyles and polka-dots are all blended to make outstanding outfits.
   Those who prefer classic, casual comfort are equally as fashionable because basic jeans are still a number-one favorite.
   Other old clothes, especially T-shirts, can be layered, cut or worn with colorful vests, jackets and sweatshirts for an updated look.