May 1983

New "L" breaks through Park Ridge wall

Point--A new extension was added to the existing Chicago subway system which goes all the way to the O'Hare airport with a new station at Cumberland Avenue on the border of Chicago and Park Ridge.
Counterpoint--Many Park Ridge residents are protesting this new extension because they feel the subway will bring more crime to Park Ridge.
   I'm sure all of you already know all about the new O'Hare extension on the Chicago "L." It has taken two years to complete the new subway and has also changed many of the bus routes in the Park Ridge area. Many students are now finding it much more difficult to get to and from school now that the routes have changed. But, aside from the numerous complaints and problems that have arisen, there is now a more convenient way to get downtown to the Loop.
   I think that all the complaining from Park Ridge residents is getting a little out of hand. They feel that the crime rate in Park Ridge will now rise considerably and that we are not safe any more. Have you noticed the new crime watch signs at the Park Ridge border ever since the new extension was added? It seems as though a ten foot wall around Park Ridge would be more appropriate and would keep the people quiet.
    How many people do you see on the "L" carrying TV's, stereos, silvers sets, etc.? For the many commuters in this area that have to travel downtown every day, there is now a less expensive way of getting there. The new extension also benefits those people in the city that work in the suburbs.
   The new extension has given rise to the touchy issue of racism. With nicknames like "Soul Train" and "Freedom Ride" the new "L", according to many anti-extensionists,is now busing blacks into Park Ridge (God forbid!). The next thing that will happen is a new branch of the KKK will set up an office in uptown Park Ridge. This complaint is just a cover-up for the strong prejudism that now exists.
   The advantages of the new subway extension greatly outweigh the disadvantages. I just wish everyone would stop all this constant complaining and enjoy the new "L". After all, we might as well get some use from the money we gave to help pay for the extension.
   Lisa '84, "Park Ridge will turn into Chicago because of it."
   Jill '85, "I think it's great! Plus it's not expensive."
   Lisa '84 "It'll come in handy when I have to go downtown."
   Jim '84, "It's a pretty sharp looking terminal."
   Tom '84, "I don't like it because my bus route was changed."