February 1980

Party at Biograph
by Cecilia and Deborah


It is astounding. It is the most bizarre movie that can be seen anywhere in the US It is an experience you will never forget. The movie is the Rocky Horror Picture Show and it plays every Friday and Saturday night at midnight in the Biograph Theatre in Chicago.
    The real excitement of the movie, however, lies in the audience participation. The rowdiness starts in line where complete strangers start conversations and "parties" with other complete strangers. Others will circulate through the line and ask if those waiting have ever been there before, and if an unfortunate has not he will have "virgin" screamed at him.
   Inside the theatre the festivities start when some of the audience--dressed as characters in the movie--assume the stage to act out scenes from the movie as the soundtrack plays. One of the first scenes is of a marriage where the audience participates by throwing rice at the screen. Later the couple walks through the rain as the viewers squirt water in the theatre. The audience does come prepared--everyone has newspaper to put over his head to keep dry. Other highlights for the audience including tossing Scott tissue as Brad yells "Great Scott: and pitching toast as Frankn' Furter proposes a toast.
   Unfortunately the theatre owners have recently started to check identification and the police have started to enforce curfew laws.