September 1979

Kermit hits Hollywood
by Karen Y.

   "The Muppet Movie," a lighthearted family film that deals with the world of the Muppets and how it began, has only one flaw. Miss Piggy, the wisecracking star of this movie, does not make her entrance until the film is a third of the way through. This is unfortunate, because Miss Piggy is one of the main reasons why "The Muppet Movie: is so funny.
   The movie begins with Kermit the frog leaving his home in the swamps to become rich and famous in Hollywood.
   Along the way he meets up with Fozzie Bear in "El Sleazo Cafe." He also becomes the target of an assissination plot by Doc Hopper, the owner of a fried frog legs fast food chain.
   Kermit then spots Miss Piggy at a country fair beauty contest and it is love at first sight. From then on "The Muppet Movie" is a laugh=a=minute straight through to the end.