December 1979

Hazing is against the law
by Katie

   M Club has been active in Maine South since the school opened in 1964. Many students enjoy watching the initiation and prospective members seem to have fun being initiated. However, there is the law.
   Illinois Revised Statutes contains the laws in Illinois as of 1977. Under the section dealing with schools, there is an illegal act called "hazing." The definition is as follows 'The term "hazing" in this act shall be construed to mean any pastime or amusement, engaged in by students or other people in schools, whereby such pastime or amusement is had for the purpose of holding up any student, scholar, or individual to ridicule for the pastime of others."
    The section goes on to say that, "Who ever shall engage in the practice of hazing in this state, whereby anyone sustains an injury to his person therefrom, shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor."
    A Class B misdemeanor could result in imprisonment for up to six months, a fine, or both.
    Both the M Club initiate and his sponsor are instructed that the "performances" during the three-day initiation must be kept to a minimum. They do not want anyone getting hurt.
    But what about the innocent bystander? they could be hurt both physically and emotionally. Something said or sung could cause them embarrassment. Students have been shoved aside to make room for an initiate. Girls have been brought to the front of the cafeteria while an initiate proposed to her. A few faces turned red.
    Each initiate has a sponsor who is responsible for the initiate's actions. Some new rules were formed this year. No one is allowed to sit on top of lockers or stand on the tables and chairs in the cafeteria.
    Teachers were informed of the new rules and were asked to help enforce them. There were still some initiates, however, who did not cooperate.
    One paragraph on the M Club Initiation Procedures sheet reads, "Your general conduct will be observed at all times by other students and members of the faculty. Therefore, please keep your Club prestige in mind and follow the guidelines set down."