February 1980

8-period day schedule
by Donna W.

   An eight-period day is being planned for next year, although the schedule is not definite yet. The day would run from 8 AM to 3 PM and the periods would be 45 minutes long.
   Ninth period is no longer needed because declining enrollment has eliminated the need for six lab periods. However, going to a seven period day would be impossible because students must have 5 supervised class hours in order for the school to qualify for state and if the need is seen for an extra class, one will be provided before or after school. The work program will not be affected since there would only be a few minutes difference in the time students leave for work. The elective class system will not be effected either.
   Juniors and seniors can apply for early dismissal if they don't have a class eighth. No schedule changes will be made so that a student will have early dismissal though. Students will have to stay seventh unless they are in the work program.
   The advantage to an eight-period day--besides getting out earlier--is that sports and clubs will be given more time. Another advantage is that students will have more time to get help from their teachers. Teachers will be available from 3:05 to 4 PM.

February 1980

Are 8 periods enough?
by Anne S.

   An eight period schedule for next year provokes many reactions from the student body and faculty. This week's forum question is, "What do you think of an eight period day?"
Lisa '82, "I think it's a number one disadvantage that we can't get out early unless we have work program. I do like the idea of getting help after school, but on the whole, a nine period day is better."
    Wayne '82, "I like the eight period day because all I do now in ninth period study is waste my time. You can't work because you watch the clock all period while all your friends walk out the door. It really should be a seven period day."
   Mike '83, "Getting to school earlier doesn't bother me because like most kids I get here at eight o'clock anyways. It's also better because I hate study halls and there would be less of them."
   Julie '81, "The shorter day is not an advantage for upperclassmen because sophomores and freshmen get out at the same time. Also, the day will seem longer because the periods are longer."
    Mr. Glen Van Proyen, boys' physical education, "Well, it'll work out better for our gym classes because we'll have more time. It's now a handicap for periods one to three and seven to nine because when you take away dressing time you have about 22 minutes of activity, but with a 45 minute class, we'll have 35 minutes of activity. From a coach's viewpoint, earlier dismissal time will encourage more kids to participate in after-school activities.
   Judy '83, "I like the idea because we get out a lot earlier and the periods will only be five minutes longer."
   Karen '82, "It's not fair that we sophomores have to stay 'til 3:40 and the freshmen will be leaving the same time we do. It's also going to be rough on the bus routes because they will be more crowded on account of everybody getting out at the same time."