January 1979

What about Title IX?

Dear Editor:
   We would like to comment on the chauvinistic attitude expressed in the demeaning editorial regarding "M" Club membership.
   As you said, "There are many cases where Equal Rights apply, but in "M" Club--NO WAY!" You are portraying society's typical male superiority complex: of course women should have equal rights BUT there are exceptions (such as "M" Club).
   We are on a high school level now, but it is clearly visible to see where social attitudes originate. We are not "burn the bra" liberals, but we do feel if a girl proves herself worthy of recognition, then she should certainly be recognized.
   Considering no club comparable to "M" Club exists for females, then how can outstanding athletes be denied membership on grounds of sex? Just because girls want to join "M" Club surely does not mean that they also want to don football helmets.
   Much more than membership is at stake here: basic principles are on trial. Outstanding female athletes deserve the same recognition as their male counterparts enjoy. And what about Title IX?
   Forbidding female participation in a school-sponsored activity seems to be a flagrant violation of the law which produced coed gym. Should it be that equal rights apply only when it's convenient?

Mary '79
Dina '79