April 1978


Sounds good to me

     Imagine driving down the street, the cool spring air ruffling your hair, as the radio blasts harmoniously. Or think about the usual Friday night party, complete with Foreigner and Nugent. Or the disco scene, with the smooth dulcet tones of the Bee Gees. It's easy to realize just how big a part music plays in our lives.
     Music is the one thing common to almost everyone, young and old. Teenagers in the fifties bopped to Jerry Lee Lewis. Many of our mothers probably sighed at Sinatra's love songs. And many of you, right now, are probably humming your favorite song.
     The wide spectrum of musical taste ranges from Shaun Cassidy and Barry Manilow to Led Zeppelin and Genesis. Whatever your preference might be, the import thing is its effect. Millions of dollars are spent each year on records. It's a well-known fact that music is one of the most successful industries.
     Music is like a magical spell. It can create romantic, loving moods, or hyper one's mood. It can soothe, and it can excite. The world would be an empty void without music.
     Here are some of the recommended selections.
     Foreigner: This is an excellent album full of hard-driving rock music. Some good cuts are "Long, Long Way from Home" and "Headknocker."
      Soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever: A must for disco freaks. The Bee Gees have evolved throughout the years as one of the most diverse and successful bands. Check out "more than a Woman" by Tavares.
     AJA, by Steely Dan: Lively record with some catchy tunes, such as "Deacon Blues" and "Black Cow."
     Point of No Return by Kansas: Another good album from Kansas. Excellent lyrics and music combine to net all listeners.
     Earth, by Jefferson Starship. The newest release from the group that's been cranking out great music since the sixties. Two cuts worth listening to are "Count on Me" and "Run Away."