September 1977

Dear Editor:
     Here at the great institution of Maine South High School, we have a problem which has gone unnoticed but is serious. The problem is the girls' overuse of athletic facilities. The male athletes are no longer treated fair but are now treated as inferior human beings. We are now afraid to enter the athletic facilities because the girls are now bigger, meaner, and stronger than us men (because of their overuse of the weightroom), because we're afraid they'll beat the living daylights out of us men. We beg you girls, leave the facilities peacefully and quietly. The girls are using the three main gyms and leaving the men without a place to better their athletic skills, and also leaving the girls' gym unused. An example of this is when the men want to use just one gym, the girl are using all three for their activities. When they are nice enough to allow us into the gym, it's after we've been waiting for at least a half-hour. Then if we happen to be using one of the gyms they kick us out because we make too much noise--that is, we're dribbling a basketball ... bounce ... bounce ... bounce ... isn't it annoying? This is just one example. It is unfair to use men and all we ask is equal use of the facilities. So why don't you let us use some of the facilities and quit hassling us men for more rights.