December 1978

"M" Club no place for letterwomen
by Dan, Editor-in-Chief

  A few years back, it was quite rare to observe a girl in the weight room. Also, participation in girls' athletics didn't measure up to the boys' involvement.
  Today, girls lift weights frequently, while participation in their athletics grow. They do deserve the equal opportunities they attain.
  However, one thing they don't deserve is the right to join the prestigious "M" Club. (This editorial is aimed only at those girls who wish to become members of "M" Club.) The "M" Club is an organization which only varsity lettermen have the right to join. (If you see a guy with his M "jock jacket,," this doesn't necessarily mean he's in "M" Club, but that the has lettered and thus qualified to join the club.)
  Members of "M" Club are those beanie boys and their peers who you see dishing out orders to climb trees, lockers or walls.
  A few weeks back, about thirty letter girls decided to attend an "M" Club meeting to see what qualifications had to be met to join the club. C'mon girls, don't you think you're taking it a bit too far? I do.
  There are many cases where Equal Rights apply, but in "M" Club--NO WAY!
  Be reasonable! There are some organizations which were set up primarily for guys--like fraternities. The girls also have a similar organization--sororities, and a crossover of either would be unethical. In terms of Maine South, a crossover by girls into a fraternity type of organization like the "M" Club would also be unethical.
  Alternatives to this issue are quite simple. Why don't you girls draw up a constitution, get a sponsor, and make your own Letterwomen's Club? If you want a Co-ed Letterpersons Club, arrangements could be considered to form one.