September 1977


Detection system merited successful
by Debbie Gann

     "Successful" is the only word that adquately describes the electronic detection system installed in the library November 1, 1976. As every patron of the library knows, you must pass through the gates to enter or exit the library. If a book nhas not been de-sensitized the gate will lock and books be checked.
     Mrs. Lange, the head of the library, commented taht at first many students felt insulted by the new system. In fact, the main problem with the elctronic operation was the attitude conflicts from the students. Now, the system is accepted by everyone as a routine ritual.
     The system requires a lot of maintenance, but as Mrs. Lange commented "the results are fantastic." There has been a 75% recovery of books in 1976. In 1975, there were 13,000 volumes lost as opposed to 315 lost last year. The electronic system cost Maine South $18,000 but at least $10,000 worth of books have been saved by it.
     As a result of these statistics Maine North has decided to install the sytem this year. There will always be an adjustment period to anything new. The adjustment to the bookd etector has been good, and the results excellent. Sometimes the detector fouls up and causes a lot of trouble, but it is well worth the money and the books that are saved.