September 1977


Open campus could improve school life
by Christopher Sopata

     The administration should establish an open campus system at Maine South. With open campus, a student could leave the campus during study and lunch periods. There is no stipulation like passes or permission.
     Open campus would provide a better school environment while not detracting from the school's teaching capabilities.
     Open campus would promote better feeling toward the school. The school would not be considered as confining as a jail. The freer feeling would make school more enjoyable.
     Hostilities between students and the administration would be lessened. Students would probably be in school only during their classes, thus eliminating sitting through lounge and study periods. Study periods are laborious and absence from study halls is a main disciplinary problem.
     School would be more tolerable. A period or two would break up the day. The long hours of school wouldn't drag anymore. Students in classes (especially 8th and 9th periods) would be more attentive and contributing.
     The combination of all these things would produce higher academic achievements. The students would enjoy being in school and the attendance figures would probably prove this.
     The majority of students could accept open campus with responsibility. But there is always that 5 percent or so that would abuse the privilege. It's not fair to punish 90 percent of the students for the actions of 10 percent. Their behavior could probably be curbed by the influence from all the students that would fear losing open campus. If it were not, the abusers could be confined to study halls.
     The administration's main argument against open campus is their liability for the students while off campus. Couldn't this be remedied by a release form of some type that makes the parents of the student responsible? These release forms resolve the problem when the same situation occurs involving a school field trip.
     Open campus is one large step towards making this a better school. The administration and the student body should fight for each other, not against. Open campus would unite the two sides and provide needed cooperation.