March 1979

It took 76 years but ...

Super!   Super!   Super!   Super 65-64!
by Sue

   For the first time in the 76-year history of the Maine Township high schools, a Maine basketball team will be playing in the state finals downstate.
    The miracle 65-64 victory Tuesday afternoon against the New Trier West Cowboys made Maine South one of the "elite eight" teams that will compete for the state championship.
    Was it luck or skill? The Hawks have won too many times--14, to be exact--by less than three points for it to be just luck. The skill of Dan and the rest of the team won the game.
    The first half of the game was dominated by sloppy ball handling and fouls. At the end of the second quarter, the Cowboys led by a score of 37-28.
    The Hawks came out of the locker room ready to kill. Baker scored two consecutive baskets. However, New Trier West still dominated the third quarter and the scoreboard showed 51-44 in favor of the Cowboys at the end of the quarter.
    The game turned around for the Hawks' advantage during the fourth quarter. The Cowboys' lead gradually dwindled to two points when Theodore made a layup, putting the score at 60-58. NTW's Alter came back with an 8-foot jumper but Fiddler did not stand by watching the team lose the chance of going downstate. He made a 6-foot jumper with the clock at 2:33 and then, at one minute to go, he made another stuff, tying the score at 62 all. Tom made a 6-foot baseline jumper at 0:40 but Theodore put in a free throw.
    Fiddler rebounded his own 15-foot jumper shot winning the game and sending the Hawks to downstate Champaign for the state championships.