February 1977

"Roots" viewed by many students
by Debbie

    Last week a television presentation captured the attention of millions of people. "Roots," the ABC spectacular, was aired for eight consecutive nights and the appeal that it had was overwhelming. In all of Chicago's television history, no other presentation has ranked as high.
    Alex Haley, the author of "Roots," traced back his ancestry to his great, great, great, great grandfather, African Kunta Kinte. The movie dealt with the struggles and hopes of Kunta Kinte and his family from the period of his capture to the post-Civil War years.
    "Roots" made a great impression on many Maine South students. Terrie '78 said, "I loved it and I watched every night. After reading many books about black slavery, I thought that it was factual." Jorand '79 added that he enjoyed it but he thought that conditions for black slaves were worse. An anonymous student felt that the African tribes in the first episode were fake, yet the overall presentation was good. "After reading the novel and seeing the movie, I felt that the book was better. 'Roots' made me more sensitive to others and to the experiences that the blacks faced."