October 1976

Barry Manilow is No. 1
by Dina

    According to a student poll of 250 people taken at Maine South last week, Barry Manilow was named number one singer. Below are the remaining results of the survey.
1. Barry Manilow 2. Peter Frampton 3. Paul Simon 4. Jethro Tull 5. John Denver 6. Ted Nugent 7. Elton John 8. Boz Scaggs 9. (tie) Alice Cooper and Eric Clapton 10. (4-way tie) John Travolta, Donny Osmond, Robin Trower, and Rick Wakeman
    The voting was cast in lounge, lunch periods, classes and many other places. Debbie '78 ... said "I picked Barry Manilow because he is the best and also because he is cute.." John Travolta was added on to our list by a junior girl. She said, "I'm putting him on the list because he sings okay and he's really cute." This was also the reason that Donny Osmond was added on to our list. I think that to many girls along with being popular, music stars also have to be "cute" (except in Elton John's case).     Others named in the survey but not receiving enough votes to make the top ten were Judy Collins, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor and a few others. Most of the freshmen liked Peter Frampton and Jethro Tull.
    The sophomores liked Ted Nugent, Peter Frampton and Barry Manilow. The juniors and seniors voted similarly. Most of their votes were for Barry Manilow and Peter Frampton. All of the votes for John Travolta and Donny Osmond came from junior girls and senior girls.....