September 1976

New styles worn
no author

   This year has a variety of styles from the past, plus a few new ideas for the more daring.
    Gauchos are big this year. A more neutral colored gaucho can be worn with a striped cowl neck sweater under a tunic top for special occasion.
    Collared sweaters give the effect of great layered look(the layered look is still very much in). For a more casual occasion, you can wear a western blouse with your gauchos and a bandanna tied at the neck.
    The rugged, rustic looking boots are a nice complement for your outfit. If boots are out of your price range, different colored socks and nylons also look nice.
    Pants this year are being worn anywhere from the knee to the top of your shoe. (I bet you never thought your floods would be in style.) Denim outfits are still very stylish. Skirts, vests, pants and blazers in denim can be mixed and matched for almost any occasion.
    Many accessories complement all styles this year: necklaces, chokers, bangles, rings, earrings, and scarves. Mix and change your accessories, but make sure they match. Looking nice is the "in" thing this year.
    Clothes are tailored and tucked in. If you can afford this year's styles, but are afraid to buy them because they might not be popular next year, don't worry. This year's styles are casual and comfortable. They'll be back in 10 years and while you are waiting you can always wear your gauchos when you go horseback.