Mary 1976

Vandalism rips off students' maturity
by Kim

   I was instructed to write an editorial on vandalism. My problem was how too approach the bunch of nerds who get their kicks out of breaking windows. Here's what I cam up with, realizing that I must approach them at their own level.
   Problems: you don't like a kid? You don't like a teacher? You don't like a class? You hate all your teachers? All your classes are boring:? YOU HATE SCHOOL?   
   Solutions: Break a window. Teepee school. Better yet, write it on a bathroom wall! Or, when in desperation, a cafeteria table will give the same feeling of relief. (There are no known better listeners.)
   Then maybe the administration can make some more "rules and regulations" to alleviate the rise in school vandalism. Now isn't that logical thinking? Of course, you couldn't come much closer to digging your own grave.
   Then again, what else can a student do to revenge his frustrations? Well, it all depends on his problem. Hate a teacher, then get out of his/her class. Hate a class, then get immediately transferred to another. Hate a school, learn to "grin and bear it."
   Naturally, these are solutions for mature, thinking adults only, so students could never do them. Why, we might even convince the administration that we do have a sense of responsibility. That would completely ruin our present image though.
   Vandalism was the issue, but as anyone can plainly see, it would be impossible to end. All I can say is, keep up the "logical thinking."