February 1976

A suntan means status, whether or not it's a result of the sun
by Laurie

   One big high school status symbol that fluctuates with the changing seasons has definitely got to be the suntan. Depending on the time of year, the "perfect tan" can mean great ... admiration among one's peer group.
   ...Inn September ... one tanned body is virtually lost among the hundred of other summer tanned bodies.
   ...When that first snowflake drifts down, a bronzed body is held in esteem by the majority of baby powder-pale students. After Christmas vacation the population of semi-dark bodies increases with many returning from exotic faraway vacations.
   The big time to get a tan is during spring vacations for a headstart on the summer sunbathers. The noncreative (and well-funded) accomplish this task by getting off to some southern beach to bask in the sun. The rest of the clever, bleached bodies resort to homemade Park Ridge methods of becoming Malibu Barbies and Kens.
1.   ...exist outdoors as long as possible wearing as little as possible in any weather for the cause of getting a tan.
2. ...a sunlamp is used for those off-hours (9 p.m. to 4 a.m.) Properly used these lamps can produce a fairly decent tan, but more often overzealous tanners burn their skin, eyes, or whatever starts sizzling.
3. The third method of tanning may bring back embarrassing memories to more people than will admit it. This involves using indoor tanning lotion which tans you while you sleep. Waking up, you find the bed sheets orange, not to mention your entire body. The next week finds you wearing long sleeved shirts, pants, gloves and a ski mask. ...