October 1975

Prayer sessions enhance each day
by Gregg

   Maine South is known for its many extracurricular activities. This year a new kind of activity has started at South. It's commonly known as praying.
   Every morning from 7:45 to 8:05, Maine South students meet in the dance room to hold a prayer service. The prayer services are open to anyone interested in praying, or to anyone who wants a spiritual lift in the morning.
   The prayer session starts off with what the participants call "Share Time." During this time students are encouraged to share experiences, read scriptures, discuss personal problems and ask other students to pray for special intentions.
   After Share Time, the students break up into groups of three to six. Each group prays together and they share their thoughts about the day and their personal feelings.
   A singing session closes the morning prayer service. A song is started by one student and soon everyone is singing along. Two or three songs are sung, depending how much time is left.
   Many clubs have been formed at South, but this one can give you unique and personal attention. If you want this kind of attention, join the prayer services that are held in the morning.
   It's a great way to start the day!