February 1976

Governor speaks at South
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   Illinois Governor Dan Walker visited Maine South last Tuesday to participate in a seminar session sponsored by the Social Science Dept. The session was held in a packed auditorium during second period and consisted mainly of a question and answer period.
   Several issues in the upcoming primary campaign on March 16 were raised during the seminar. Gov. Walker revealed his opinion on the following topics:
   Gun Control: "I don't believe in legislation banning guns simply because I feel it would be ineffective. However I do favor tougher laws for gun-related crimes and the carrying of concealed weapons."
   Capital Punishment: "Capital punishment is appropriate for certain heinous crimes such as the killing of 8 Chicago nurses by Richard Speck or for the bombing a few months ago at New York's La Guardia Airport."
   Campaign Contributions: "I feel there should be a limit to campaign contributions. The reason I haven't revealed my 1972 campaign contributors is that some of them are Chicago businessmen who fear retaliation by the Daley Machine."
   Taxes: "While I have been in office our appropriations to state-funded departments have gone up 10 percent on the average. However I don't see Illinois taxes being raised in the foreseeable future. The time has come in government when more people must learn to say no!"
   Marijuana: "I'm opposed to the legalization of marijuana. Until I see evidence about the influence it has on the body I'm reluctant to act in favor of legalization."
   Daley Machine: "I'll find out whether I can beat Daley's man Mr. Howlett on March 16. But I beat Daley in 1972 and I'll beat him again in 1976."   
   The Presidency: "Sure, I've thought about running. Realistically thought, I have a tough enough battle just to get reelected as Governor. However, I don't want to issue a flat no to the idea."
   Justice System: "I have proposed in the Ill. Legislature a complete revamping of our criminal justice system. I'd like to see a 60-day maximum waiting period before each trial."
   Young People: "The best thing I can do for young people in Illinois is to continue the fight I started in 1972 to keep government accountable at all times, in all matters."
   Walker called his visit an "accountability session." "I have held 70 of these sessions in the last 4 years. With these sessions I'm attempting to bring the government closer to the people," stated the Governor.
   Reactions to Gov. Walker's visit were mixed. Julie '77 stated, "It seemed like he was just trying to please everybody." Mary '76, commented, I think that Walker is a real politician." John '76 stated, "He came in like gangbusters and shook hands with everyone in the main office. A real politician."