February 1976

How does 207 spend $
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   The four high schools of District 207 receive approximately $28,000,000 to be distributed for various expenses, according to Mr. Markworth.
   Mr. Markworth, business manager of the school district, is in charge of forming a budget for District 207. Here are most of the main expenditures in that budget.
   $13,000,000 Teachers' salaries
1,900,000 Janitors' salaries
3,200,000 Debt reduction (repaying money borrowed for the original building of the school)
1,400,000 Counselors, deans, librarians, and principals' salaries
920,000 Utilities
777,000 Expenses of cafeterias
750,000 Administrative costs
700,000 Secretaries' salaries
650,000 Insurances (Blue Cross/Blue Shield disability)
500,000 Maintenance and repairs
460,000 Expenses of the bookstores (textbooks, rentals, and salaries)
400,000 New or replacement of equipment
325,000 Instructional supplies
250,000 Salaries of paraprofessionals
230,000 Summer school and student activities
200,000 Tuition of handicapped children that must attend special schools
200,000 Other operational costs
190,000 Athletic program
170,000 Other community activities
170,000 Other student activities including the printing shop at Maine East where all the District's printing is done
120,000 Fee to belong to the data processing co-op
100,000 Fire insurance
100,000 Library books and supplies
90,000 Rental of data processing equipment
90,000 Health offices and nurses
70,000 Attendance office (including salaries)
2,000 Vandalism at Maine East
3,500 Vandalism at Maine South
2,000 Vandalism at Maine North
2,000 Vandalism at Maine West

   The source of 73 percent of all the money is local taxation. 17 percent of it comes from State of Illinois taxes. 6 percent comes from student and community services and 3 percent is from interest on investments.
   Since the money is budgeted to these four schools individually, figures for each school's expenses are not available. Using the percent of enrollment of each school out of the total enrollment, you can calculate the approximate percentage that each school spends. Those percentages are: Maine East 31 percent, Maine South 28 percent; Maine North 14 percent, and Maine West 27 percent.