Mary 1976

Ads an influence or not?
by June

   Have you ever wondered what caused you to purchase certain products? Many times, advertising influences us to buy products. Advertisements hit us everywhere, on the radio, on the TV, and on the highway. Do advertisements influence you? some students were willing to admit that they do.
   "Yes, definitely," replied Elza '79.
   Jean '78 simply said, "Yes."
   "Yes, because of certain sexual connotations," stated an anonymous.
   Henry '76 replied, "Yes, because they are drummed into my mind after hearing them on the radio all the time."
   ...."Sometimes, but most of the it's by word of mouth," commented Chris '77.
   "Yes, some of the jingles are really cute too," replied Nancy '77.
   Julie '76 responded, "Only once in a tropical monsoon."
   Other students answered the question in a different way.
   "I put more stock in word of mouth than in advertising, unless it is a product I have never heard of before," said Bronwyn '76.
   "I listen more to my friends on what to buy," stated Dan '77.
   ... "No, I think advertisements are a waste anyway because they are repetitious," commented Tom '78.
   ... Advertisements have a great impact on people. For those who do not think that they are influenced, they are likely fooling themselves. Advertisements, good and bad, are attacking at every angle. All around us, we can see advertisements that are sometimes lies. The question we must ask ourselves is, "Do I believe that this product will really do its job?" or "Do I believe that this product will be an improvement for me?" Whatever the product may be, it takes either faith, confidence or curiosity to purchase it. Is seeing really believing?