March 1975

Santee earns honor

     David Neil Santee has been designated by Dr. Clyde Watson, principal, an Outstanding Teenager of America for 1975.
     The Outstanding Teenagers are chosen from individual schools across the country on the basis of academic achievement and community service.
Dave has devoted much of his time during his high school years to participating in skating competitions. Winning the Nebelhorn Trophy in Obserstdorf, Germany, and being named Grand Prix Champion in St. Gervais, France, are just two of Dave's many accomplishments. He also held the title of National Junior Champion in the United States in 1971 and captured third place in the U.S. Senior Men's Meet in 1972.
     This year Dave has come in first in both the Upper Great Lakes and Midwest Senior Men's Competitions. He also won awards in national competition for coming in fifth in U.S. skating and fourth in U.S. freestyle.
Dave began speed skating when he was nine and turned to figure skating at 13, and he now hopes to compete in the 1976 Olympics.
     Although Dave spends a lot of time practicing for skating competitions, he has been involved in several activities here at school. He is presently a member of the Concert, Marching and Pep Bands, and WMTH fans will lknow him as an announcer for basketball games broadcast on the radio. Dave also appeared in this year's V-Show....