October 1974

Inflation hits -- Bubble gum doubles price

     Cries of "Argh, inflation!" are heard throughout the land. But how is inflation affecting students at Maine South, and what are they doing to combat it?
     High prices of gas, books, and the increase in postage stamps were the major complaints of students. Diane '77 remarked,, "You have to pay so much for everything, you can't get it."
     Cheryl '76 agreed, "It's terrible--I don't get enough for my money, and it takes a longer time to earn enough for something I really want."
     On the brighter side, Rich '76 commented, "The only good thing about inflation is that you get paid more."
     Joe '75 had another view. "I like inflation. I bought a bike and now it's worth almost twice as much, and I could sell it for more money."
     What about the students who live on fixed incomes--namely allowances. They could ask for a cost of living increase from their parents, but that doesn't always work.
     Linda '76 pointed out, "Inflation's not fair to kids who don't have jobs. How can they expect to pay for everything?"
     The high price of gas has limited some students' mobility. John '75 said, I can't drive the car as much now because of the price of gas."
     Sally '75 added, "And it costs more to have a good time."
     On the subject of clothes, Jeanne '75 remarked, "Prices have doubled--I have to wear more blue jeans because I can't afford the price of more clothes."
     Not everyone is directly affected by inflation. When asked if it has bothered him, Mike '78 answered, "It doesn't really; I don't usually buy too much."
     Darcy '77 commented, "I don't think it bother us as much as people who are sick and poor and are trying to struggle along.
     Some economists say that inflation is halting, but many students disagree. "If you really want to know how bad inflation really is, go to a grocery store," remarked Carol '76. "Every couple of days butter goes up about three cents."
     "I don't get a raise even though everything else goes up," said Joe '76. "I think inflation is the fault of business--the President can't do anything about it unless they cooperate.
     Adrienne '75 added a specific complaint, "Bazooka bubble gum went up to two cents a piece."