November 1973

Trivia info about South
by Carol

   After ten years of existence, Maine South has various trivial information that is vital to every student who ever roamed its halls.
   For example, since the school was built, the cafeteria, fieldhouse, and twelve A-Wing classrooms have been added. When Maine South opened its doors in 1964, 2570 students--1285 girls and 1275 boys--were enrolled. This year there are 3350 students--1630 girls and 1720 boys.
   In 1964, there were 2200 lockers and now there are 3400.   
   The year the school opened, the average annual family income of students attending was $11,400. Presently the average is from $18,000 - $20,000.
   Eyrie sales have increased, from 1800 in 1964 to 2400 copies sold in 1973. Eyrie prices have gone up from $4.00 to $5.50. The yearbook's total pages went from 192 to 232 pages. The colored pictures in Eyrie went from two to sixteen in last year's issue.
   In 1964, the debate team won Sectional Debate Honors and went to the state meet. Last year the debate team won the state meet and went on to nationals.
   In the music department, three band members who graduated have gone on to become high school band directors.