November 1973

Holy Cow! Udderly fantastic news for student moo juice drinkers

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   Students who have turned sour over the six-cent increase in the price of milk this year no longer need to watch the higher charge curdle their pockets. Milk prices at South were brought back down to four cents per half-pint of milk as a result of a nationwide reinstatement totaling $97 million in subsidies from the Department of Agriculture.
   This year's students are getting the more favorable end of the deal. Last year a ten-ounce carton cost the school district 7.2 cents, and was sold to students for four cents. This year an eight-ounce carton costs the school 9.25 cents and is currently being sold to the students for four cents.
   Faculty members, however, are not as lucky as the students. Teachers still must pay a dime per carton for their milk.
   The Department of Agriculture announced Nov. 1 that subsidies would be reinstated as a result of congressional action. The House had previously approved a $25 million appropriation, requested by President Nixon, but the Senate voted to appropriate $97 million.