November 1973

Lights turned off to cooperate with request to conserve energy
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   Tuesday, November 13, students noticed that the halls were darker than usual and at various times the lights were going on and off. Was this another short in the electrical system?
   "We decided to try to get along without lights in some areas, such as the halls," stated Mr. Smith, Dean of Students. "President Nixon asked us all to conserve energy and we are trying to do our part."
   Maine South's efforts to conserve energy were part of a plan devised by Dr. Short, Superintendent of the Maine schools. In a memorandum to all District 207 employees, Dr. Short outlined the following plan to conserve energy.
1. Maximum setting for thermostats should be 70 degrees.
2. Building temperatures will be lowered to minimum levels at night and on weekends.
3. Classroom corridor doors should be kept shut.
4. Open windows during the cold season should be avoided.
5. Minimal lighting should be maintained in the corridors.
6. Only necessary lights should be used in the classroom. Shades should be open for additional lights. Since turning lights on and off uses much energy, lights should remain on unless not in use for long periods.
7. Lights for normal lighting at night and on weekends will be reduced where possible.
8. When lighting is diminished. Maintenance of safety standards should be kept in mind. Some lights are important as a deterrent to vandalism.
   These measures will probably persist through the winter.