December 1973

NBC to feature Hawkettes
by Eileen

  Although no "Lights, Camera, Action!" was yelled in the cafeteria last Dec. 11, plenty of action happened as NBC cameramen taped the Hawkettes, South's pompon squad.
  Thanks to squad member Donna '74, the Hawkettes will appear on the NBC television program "Sorting It Out" on a Sunday evening....
  According to Hawkette sponsor Miss Bobrich, Donna wrote a letter to NBC asking if the squad could appear on the program. A few weeks later, the NBC network telephoned Miss Bobrich and informed her that NBC cameramen would arrive Dec. 11 to tape a Hawkette rehearsal and performance.
   Ironically, however, Donna became ill and was unable to attend the taping session, but the Hawkettes left her spot on the floor open as they performed.
  The Hawkettes, seemingly at ease during their performance, suddenly released their pent-up energy in a loud "Whew!" after the first taping. They rejoiced too soon, however, for in order to allow for mistakes and film splicing, the Hawkettes had to repeat the dance over eight more times, making each successive time as accurate and energetic as the first.
  While the show's associate producer Mr. Bob Kaiser sipped a cup of coffee and calmly surveyed the whole scene, Mr. Allen, Sound Man, and Mr. Holden, Light Man, cared for the technical side of the production. Miss Tallon, Assistant to the crew, interviewed Miss Bobrich, while Mr. Stricklin, cameraman, experimented with different angles for shots. Finally, however, Mr. Stricklin borrowed a wheelchair from the Girls' P.E. Dep't to take some roving photos and he wheeled up and down the Hawkette line formations, shooting film as the squad performed.
  After what seemed a mile's length of film and five basketball half-times' worth of performances, the Hawkettes flashed one last smile for the lonely bull into NBC's camera.