December 1973

Energetic students turn on to conservation
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   One popular way to be patriotic nowadays is to conserve energy. Here at Maine South, the students are trying many possible ways to help our country through the crisis.
   Greg '74 summarized what most students are doing. "I walk more, drive less, and turn my bedroom lights off," stated Greg.
   Other students had ideas for conserving gas. John '74 said, "After I stop at a stop sign, I don't floor it. I accelerate easy."
   "I was driving on the expressway at 50 MPH and everybody passed me," commented Cheryl '74.
   Many students are now using other means of transportation besides a car to get around. According to Mike '75, "I walk home now instead of calling for a ride."
   Terry '74 says he doesn't drive now as much as he used to. "I either walk or ride my bike wherever I go, except school."
   Ed '74 decided to make a couple of sacrifices during the energy crisis. "I don't drive for short trips anymore. I just don't go. Also, I don't burn the lights late at night by studying."
   "Instead of using our other cars, we use our Volkswagen," said Nancy '75.
   According to Sylvia '76 "We only use one television instead of two."
   Cindy '75 reacted quite differently to the energy crisis, by turning her aquarium heater down.
   "We got rid of our electric toothbrush," said Pam '75.
   Gina '75 stated that her family is using a regular can opener instead of an electric one.
   When asked what she was doing to conserve energy, Jane '76 answered, "I don't use my electric blanket anymore."
   "I turned the temperature down a few knobs in my refrigerator," stated Gail '74.
   Jeff '77 dims the lights in his house to use less energy.
   Many students have turned their thermostats down and found other ways of keeping themselves warm.
   "As I walk down the hall, I turn off every unnecessary light I see," stated Ginny '75 who is trying to conserve as much energy as she can.
   Maureen '74 who rides her bike to school every day, has a suggestion for the school. "Why not take all the kids in ninth period study, put them in one study hall, and turn off all the lights in the other homerooms."
   When asked for his opinion about the energy crisis Dave '74 commented: "This energy crisis didn't just fall upon us. It's been progressing for some time now. I think if Nixon had concentrated more on this than other problems, the energy crisis wouldn't be so severe."