February 1973

A true peace? Wonderful, but--

    Is there really going to be a true peace now? The students of Maine South had many feelings and opinions about the peace treaty. Most of these feelings are of relief and happiness, but there are also many others who didn't really care, for it didn't really affect them. Others feel that the treaty won't hold because of past experiences and because of the further bombings in North Vietnam after the treaty had been signed.
    Lynn '75 remarks,"I don't really have a reaction. It's good for the people directly involved, but the war didn't affect me." Denice '75 commented, "It's really good because all the guys are coming home to their families." Bob '75 says that he wishes the war wasn't really over because he wanted to be drafted. Nancy '75 said, "I think it's great that the war has ended because it was long and a lot of guys died, but there may be trouble with jobs."
    Meg '75 stated, "It will be sort of bad in a way since unemployment will rise, and a lot of the war supply companies will go out of business. I'm glad the war is over but I don't feel that anything has been accomplished."
    Cindy '75 states, "I'm very happy because the guy on my POW bracelet is coming home. Glad it's finally all over with." Jim Lonergan '75 says, "The treaty should work out, as long as they don't let another dictator like the President of South Vietnam rule the country."
    Grace '74 feels that there might be a depression after the American soldiers come home. "There might not be enough jobs for them," said Grace.
    Math teacher Mr. Vergoth states: "I think it could have occurred way before now. It couldn't have been any worse off if it happened about four or five years ago. Glenn '74 says, "Hope it won't fall through like the last time, and hope peace will last."
    Chris '75 remarks that she is really glad the war has ended. "I'm still not really sure it's over though, because of the recent bombings. But I think Nixon has done a good job." Bob '74,"I think it will last." Bob also feels that if McGovern were president we would have peace too.
    ...Sue '74 said "I think it's great. I had confidence in President Nixon, and supported him fully. McGovern would have given the North Vietnamese anything they wanted just to ensure peace and would have embarrassed our country in the face of others."
    Jim '75 said, "I think it's a great thing that the war is over. I just hope that the POWs can adjust back to the American way of life."
    Art '75 stated, "I feel that this peace will not last. There are too many uncertainties."