September 1972

People create problems

    This year Maine South has a bigger enrollment of students than ever before. Although the administration is proud of the fact that there are 3520 students enrolled, Mr. Reese, career counselor, and Mr. Bonney, director of guidance, pointed out some of the problems they have encountered through the scheduling of classes.
    Students complained of not being able to take the courses they had previously chosen. "Such classes as industrial education, home economics, and art seemed to cause most of the problems since they are limited by seats and work stations," said Mr. Reese.
Students who registered in the summer found that many classes were filled to capacity and had to make substitutions. To the disappointment of some students, late arrival or early dismissal could not be arranged in their schedules.
    "A number of people had to make choices between courses scheduled for the same period. Although some students were confronted with scheduling difficulties, I found that people were very understanding about this," stated Mr. Bonney.
    South is "operating with reduced staff" because of dropping several teachers in the austerity program. According to Mr. Reese, "Besides a smaller teaching staff, South lost two counselors last year."