February 1971


Lady teachers take to pants
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   "Teachers (at least the ones I've seen) look great in pantsuits. They should be allowed to wear them. I don't think they're any more distracting than the teachers themselves," professed Dave '71 in regard to the issue of women teachers wearing pants to school.
    Most students agree with Dave. It is generally felt that if students can wear them, why can't teachers?
    Neil '72 said, "I think it's good. It's comfortable. Teachers have the right to be comfortable too."
    Mr. Schmidt disagreed with this. "Slacks on a teacher have no place in a learning situation. This is due to tradition and image. They seem to be trying to identify too much with the students. It is an immature reason to say that 'if the students can wear them why can't the teachers?'" Most of the women teachers who wear them find they are comfortable and especially practical in cold weather. However, there is a standard of acceptability to be set on which slack are appropriate.
    Said Miss Yates, "I really think if a teacher is going to wear pants it should be a pantsuit and not something they just put together. These types of outfits don't look right or appropriate."
    The general attitude was that if the pants were well fitted and attractive there should be no qualm about them. Slacks and blouses were cited as to be more for sport.
   Mr. Kohler, social science department chairman, comments on the look itself. "In regard to women wearing pantsuits to school I think some of them look pretty sharp. I'm always reminded, however, of that Ogden Nash verse which goes

Yes, deck your lower limbs in pants
They are your limbs my sweeting
You look divine as you advance--
Have you seen yourself retreating?

He added, "Most of our faculty members have pretty good taste though."....