October 1970

Hovering Hawk
South students express opinions concerning liberation for women

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   Question: What do you think of Women's Liberation?
    LuAnn '72: "I can understand a working girl's point of view, but I don't want to see a good thing ruined. I like being treated like a girl."
    Russ '72: "Give them equal rights, fine! Send them to Viet Nam and let them fight."
    Michele '74: "I'm not totally against it. Too many women say they are for it, but they don't really know what they are for. Men and women aren't equal anyway. Where would women be without men?"
    Mike '74: "Some of their demands are stupid or impossible. Some are justified like equal rights, but ask them if they want to be drafted."
    John '71: "It's unrealistic because their 'goals' do not represent what the majority of American women want."
    Pam '72: "It's an honor to be dominated by men. I don't think women are being oppressed, but if they were they should be because they are the weaker sex."
    John '72: "Give them the right to bear arms and bare legs."    Diane '74: "They are out of their heads. If they want overtime in jobs, go ahead, give it to them. But after a while they will begin to dislike it. Being a girl is fun."
    Steve '74: "A woman's place is in the home. It is all right if they want a job, but they are not equal to a man."
    Nora '71: "I'm all for it in the business world and it might be good in the home for some people, not me."
    Dave '71: "Women's Lib? Certain aspects of it are great; such as equal pay. If they can do the job as well as a man, they deserve it. However this bit about attacking men's clubs is for women truck drivers, not normal women."
    Eileen '72: "It's good. By their radical techniques, they're exposing to the public problems that exist. You need to be an exhibitionist to get people to listen to you."
    Debbie '72: "The prejudice in jobs is their only relevant complaint. I plan to live my life making the best of women's place in society with a husband and children.
    Megan '74: "I'm both against and for it. Their ideals are right, but they are going about it wrong."
    Jan '71: "If I worked in a ditch next to a man, completely covered with mud, I would still be able to maintain my femininity. I'm for the movement, yet I don't feel I've ever been oppressed as a woman."
    Lorie '72: "In some ways it is good. If a woman wants a high position that is hard for a lady to get, Women's Lib could help her. I don't feel it's for me."
    Jeff '71: "If a person is capable to do a job, sex should not enter the question. This is not to say the idea of the "Lady" is outmoded. It just means that females must earn the title.