November 1970

South students continue to tutor at Hull House on informal basis
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   Hull House tutoring is being continued informally at South this year. The students in this group are volunteers who tutor children at an uptown Hull House on Beacon Street.
    However, to the tutors, job is not strictly teaching, according to Bob '71, who helped organize the group this year. "It's more of an emotional thing," he said. "It's a warm place, where kids can come and find some friends." Sharon '71 agreed, saying, "It gives the kids a chance to talk to older kids who aren't dropouts."
    Twenty-seven students signed up, Sharon said. She estimates that about half will stay on all year. Sharon was involved both last year and the year before in Hull House tutoring.
    The students tutor Saturday mornings, Tuesday or Wednesday. The midweek sessions have not yet been established permanently. Because of a lack of drivers, the tutors will probably take buses to Chicago. Sharon said that the buses may be rented.
    The students that South students are tutoring range from about 12 or 13 to very small, Sharon said. They are from a four-block radius around Hull House, from Stockton School and local Catholic schools.  Stockton is "a very poor school," Bob said.
    The children are taught at their own rates. No formal teaching program is set. Bob estimates that about half the time is spent talking and playing with the children. Bob complained of a lack of boy tutors. He feels that more are needed because a lot of the kids do not have fathers around....