May 1969

Campus rioting discussed

   I feel compelled to speak out about the recent college rioting affected by the deaths of four Kent State students. Thus far, all the usually biased news reports have been given, and all the typically slanted newspaper articles have been written. All condemn the "murderous, barbaric, and cold-blooded" shootings of four innocent students by national guardsman. All account strive to depict the incident as totally unnecessary and uncalled for.
   But someone in the film news department of a local television must have slipped, because on a recent newscast the viewer could witness the vicious rock and brick throwing, the repeated ignorance of radicals to warnings of authorities, and the wanton destruction of campus buildings.
   Also, a few days ago, coroner's evidence was brought forth, substantially proving that a few of the deadly bullets fired weren't even the National Guard's. In stating these facts, I am in no way attempting to minimize the atrocity of these deaths, nor am I attempting to justify the actions of those guards who might have killed the students. But the fact remains that those deaths and all the ensuing violence across the nation could have been avoided if it were not for the vehement arousing and encouraging of obviously outside agitators.
   Here in I contend that to eliminate the violent protests, while preserving the right to peaceful dissent, we must eliminate all external agitation for anarchy, and let the actual college student of today, be he conservative, moderate, or liberal, act and speak in his own way.
   Bill S.