January 1970

Too hairy--De-feminizing
Students like new code; Romance could suffer

   With the recent liberalizing of South's dress code, student dress regulations are basically minimized to clothing the body "from shoulder to mid-thigh" and wearing shoes.
   In response to the new rules, many boys are coming to school with beards and mustaches and most girls have tried wearing slacks.
   During the weeks of controversy over changing the code many students mentioned that they were satisfied with the school's standard of dress and probably wouldn't dress differently even if the school permitted.
   With the change in regulations and the sudden trend toward more casual dress, however, many of these students more recently felt the same as one student did when he said, "Now that it's legal--why not?"
   If many of the boys were pleased that they can now grow beards and mustaches, a few of the girls were not. Some said that they didn't like a boy to look "all hairy."
   The boy's reaction to girls wearing slacks was approximately the same. While a few thought it was de-feminizing, more said that any girl should be able to wear whatever she is comfortable in. Many boys approved of girls wearing slacks as long as they were becoming to the girl.
   One student summarized the opinion of many when he said, "I don't think it's that important. Some girls look better in pants than others and they should wear them. But I don't like to see a girl wearing slacks when she looks really bad in them."