May 1969

Variety, color highlight Marlin show - "Fantasia"
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    "Fantasia" this year offers the viewer a wide variety of color, music, and choreography. "Fantasia" is this year's title for the Marlin show, presented annually in the spring. Miss Dawn Butler, South physical education teacher, is the sponsor of this all-girl swim group.
    At the beginning of this year, Marlin Club members presented various ideas and then the entire membership voted on the nominations for the theme. "Fantasia" meaning acts based on fables, legends, fairy tales, myths, etc., was chosen. Marlin officers Nancy, president; Mary, show chairman; and Chris, assistant show chairman, helped Miss Butler in preparing this year's show.
    According to Miss Butler, "The swimming skill is better than it has ever been, this year. Choreography is also better."
    Every year, a few girls are chosen to demonstrate their special swimming skills in a solo swim, done to music of their own choice. Three girls will present special numbers this year. First is Nancy '69. She will swim to "Sounds of Silence" in which she will represent Diana, the Goddess of the Night. Debbie '70 will portray Sherazade from the Arabian Nights while she swims to the sounds of "Stranger in Paradise." The final solo will be presented by Gail '70. Gail represents the legend of an Indian princess to the song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida."
    Other musical selections to be used in "Fantasia" include: "Impossible Dream," to be performed by a special stroking group; "Aquarius," which is a quintet act; "Sleeping Beauty," a floating group; "March of the Toy Soldiers," which is another group act; and "Bonnie and Clyde," a boy-girl duet.

    This year's show also offers three duets. Mary Jane '70 and Julie '70 will swim to "I'd Do Anything for You," in which they represent Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Debbie '70 and Janet '70 will portray mermaids to "Beyond the Sea." "Ship of Fools," another musical swim number in the show, is the title of another act representing the Roman god Janus. Swimming in this act will be Chris '70 and Gale '70.
    Tickets for all performances are available in the Bookstore or from Marlin members for $1.25. Performances will be on May 8, 9, 10, and 11....
    Many new facets of special effects will be employed this year to make the show even more colorful and exciting. For example, a black light will be used, along with other special colored lighting effects. More elaborate costuming will also be used this year to present an even more colorful show.
    Every year one act is performed totally outside of the water. This year a special dance act, led by Nina '69 will be performed to a special musical arrangement.
    Guest swimmers include Bill '70, Steve '70, John '69, Barry '70 and John '69.
    "The show should be very colorful this year. There is more of a variety of acts and music than ever before," stated Miss Butler....
    One of the highlights of the show appears during the frog act. In this act the twelve girls do a pool-length dolphin chain.
    All of the "animal-representing" costumes are realistic. This two-hour swim show offers a different sort of entertainment here at Maine South.