January 1969

SC senior lounge will open second semester
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    Aside from insurance difficulties encountered with Donkey Basketball and numerous planning obstacles for American Field Service Week, Student Council has passed some milestones in the past few weeks.
    After months of discussion with the administration and coordinated planning with the Senior Class, Council has arranged for the opening of the Senior Lounge on the first day of the new semester.
    To be operated on the honor system and with no direct faculty supervision, the lounge will be open periods 1, 2, 3 and 8 in the new cafeteria. Seniors may use it during any free half or full period.
    Attendance will be similar to that in the library except with the use of ID cards, and no passes will be issued. Any misconduct will be reported to the Senior Class Officers and will probably result in the loss of lounge privileges.
    Features of the lounge include: availability of milk, rolls and snackbar facilities during the first three periods of the day; perhaps club-donated magazine subscriptions; and generally,a place for informal discussion.
    Accompanying the recent poster campaign for he Suggestion Box, there has been a surge of enthusiastic responses. An inventory of suggestions from the past four weeks includes: selling nylons in the bookstore, serving soft drinks in the cafeteria, selling magazines in the paperback bookstore, having Boosters sponsor a professional wrestling match at Maine South, and making a file of area restaurant menus in the library.
    Each of these and all other suggestions will be closely examined, reviewed by several clubs and committees which might sponsor them, presented to the administration for approval, and then acted upon.
    The last Council-Faculty meetings included discussions on perhaps making M Club more active in the school and activities, having the clubs jointly sponsor a Mardi Gras, providing more graduated privileges for the classes, and general plans for SC sponsored assemblies. These ideas will be further examined at future SC meetings.