November 1965

Beat draft move wrong state juniors, seniors

Protests and sit-ins and loud demonstrations,
Riots and suicides and school agitations
Draft cards all flying with flame on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things...

   Evidently these are not some of the favorite things of Maine South's juniors and seniors, for upon being asked what they thought about the beat-the-draft movement around the country, they gave the following answers:
   George '66, "Since the draft is directly related to the Vietnamese war, they're using the present protests just to get out of the draft, period."
. . . Gregg doesn't agree
   Gregg '66, "I absolutely do not agree with the demonstrators. I think these types of activities are un-American and ridiculous because there are many branches of the armed forces that don't require violence."
   Derek '66, "I'm for the war and I don't agree with these kooks. If they would stop and think about it, they'd realize that the draft is only for three years. Compare that to the six to eight years in prison you could get for burning your draft card."
... It stinks, says Bill
   Bill '67, "I think it stinks. Take a look at the characters in these picture of demonstrators with their beards, sweatshirts, and barefeet. I think the pictures speak for themselves."
   Mark '67, "Viewing this situation with an open mind, it seems to me that these guys are evading their responsibilities to their country. I doubt if the protests will be of any consequence. It's loud, but that's about all."
. . . A democracy, says Rich
   In a different light, Rich '66, believes that, "In America, since we are a democratic society, we should be able to work peaceably for our government, it we wish, instead of being forced to fight. Actually, we're accomplishing the same aim."    When Rich was asked what he thought about the tactics used by the demonstrators, he replied, "I think they are going a little too far, but using any other means, it would probably take a lot longer to get their message across."