April 1966

South adopts Korean orphan in Student Council program
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   Ree Kwan Yung, a nine-year old Korean boy living in the True Fragrance Christian Orphanage, now has 2800 parents. Student Council, through Compassion, Incorporated, is sending $120 a year on behalf of all the students for the care of Ree Kwan.
   Ree Kwan, whose name means "great heart," was born in Chun, Korea. His father, a farmer, was killed in a car accident in July 1962. His mother left their home in December of that same year, and Ree Kwan was cared for in neighboring homes until he was brought to the True Fragrance Christian Orphanage on December 10, 1964.
   He is now a first grade student at Do Hwa primary school and his progress in studies is reported as "excellent." He wrote a letter to the students of Maine South to show his appreciation.

Dear Sponsors:
   How are you, dear sponsors.
   I am so happy to have someone who love me.
   I was so happy to hear that you are going to be sponsors of me. I was so excited about you at that time. I told about you to all of my friends. They were also glad for you.
   I am nine year old and am in the first grade in school. I like school very much and do good in it. The subjects which we take are Korean, arithmetic, social studies, nature science, drawing and music and health. Whenever I get one hundred mark, our superintendent praises me for my good achievement. I am going to study harder from now on and be a good boy for you. We are going back to school again tomorrow after our winter vacation. I will be promoting to the second grade coming March.
   I like to play ball. What sorts of sports did you play when you were young? I would like to hear from you soon. Please write and tell me all about you and your activities. I am so thankful God for giving me many nice sponsors like you.
      It is still cold here now.
   How about the weather over there?
   I must say you good-bye for now and will look forward to your letter. I will think of you and pray for you every day. May God bless you and keep each of you well and happy.
   Yours in Christ
   Ree Kwan Yung

   People wishing to write to Ree Kwan Yung should contact Barb, Student Council Treasurer