September 1964

[Southwords] Staff sets policies, goals
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   Working with the conception that the Maine South newspaper was established to foster unity within the school, we on the newspaper staff wish to set out policies.
   Southwords is primarily the voice of the students. The news, features, and editorials will be written with regard to student scholastics, interest, and welfare. Current issues which affect the student body will be presented accurately and without bias; features of interest and entertainment will be printed; and editorials will be written with the purpose of suggesting improvement, promoting beneficial projects, explaining confused situations or commending worthy school achievements.
... Paper hopes to have broad scope
   Beyond this, Southwords will attempt a somewhat broader scope. Because the paper will be read outside the school, it will act as a bridge between the student body, faculty, administration, parents, community, and other high schools. We will be concerned with school reputation, student and faculty attitudes, precedents for following classes, and community regard.
   Accordingly, Southwords pledges itself to report that which affects the students. Although news gathering is a staff's primary duty, we ask readers to bring us news which they feel should be printed but news of which we might not be aware.
... Staff encourages letters to the editor
   We encourage letters to the editor from students, teachers, and parents. We reserve the right to cut or edit any letter submitted. All letters must be signed. Names will be withheld on request. Because one of the main objectives of the paper is to foster school spirit, letters of a constructive nature only will be printed.
   With the preceding in mind, we shall endeavor to incite, to inform, to unify, and to perpetrate South's goals of excellence in scholarship and citizenship.