December 1964

Lawyer Hillary reviews career
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   "Excuse me, I'm from Time magazine. I'd like to get an interview from you about your high school career. You've had such a famous career, and..."
   "Well, yes, I'm very busy, you know," replied Hillary Rodham, prosecuting attorney for Harrington versus Harrington. The case has been going on literally for years. "What would you like to know?"
   "That in my senior year so many years ago this month I received the DAR [Daughters of the American Revolution] Award for citizenship? Or that I served on student council for three years? Or that I worked for Goldwater, Percy, and other Republican nominees in a mock political convention? Or that I was National Merit Semifinalist?"
   "Well, yes--"
   "I was also a member of the Cultural Values Committee my junior year. What an experience! We reevaluated teenagers' ideas in relation to dress, etc. We tried to unite opinions of different factions of the school--and what a difference."
   "Can you give me a few words on vandalism?"
   "Oh, yes, in high school I was a cochairman of an Anti-Vandalism Committee. We worked to raise money for damage done to the school building by vandals. I was very disappointed that vandals would ruin the wall, but I hardly think it was representative of all the students."
   "What was school spirit like back in those days?"
   "School spirit improved my senior year for a number of reasons. The student was new, and the student body was smaller. A combination of many things brought about improved spirit. (To the side) Just a minute, Rodney."
   "I see. One last question. What was your ambition in high school?"
   "To marry a senator and settle down in Georgetown."