September 1964

Students say
First thoughts? Too busy getting lost

(Editor's note: the following quotations are the students' first impressions of Maine South....)

   Chris '66, "I didn't have a first impression. I was too busy getting lost!"
Carol '65, "I'm really very enthusiastic about the new school. It's so cheerful looking! I'm still like a frosh in the halls. It's no joke that seniors have to ask underclassmen which was to go."
...Looked unlived in
Pat '67, "The school looked unlived in and kind of cold."
Sherry '65, "A maze of long, crowded corridors."
...Confusion but beautiful
Sally '67, "Bells that buzz, crowded stairs, confusion--but beautiful."
John '65, It's fantastic! The school is creating its own spirit."
Paulette '66, "I feel that this building is a temporary school and any day they'll be shipping us back to East. Things here are so different that I don't know what to do--besides homework."
Rick '65, "Obviously planned by someone who never went to high school--or never used a locker."
Margo '66, "The rooms are impossible to find, but it's okay once I'm there."
... Envies freshmen
Sarah '65, "This is one of the most beautiful schools I've seen. The only trouble is that I get lost so often. I envy the freshmen who get to stay here four years and are able to take advantage of the excellent facilities."
Jill '65, "It's going to take a long time before everybody's used to the school and stops making comparisons. So far I like all the kids best because they're trying so hard to make this thing work. I think it will!"
Peggy '66, "At Maine South there is not enough time to see or talk to anyone. You see all the same people throughout the day, in your study halls, homerooms, etc."
... It takes hard work
Debby '67, "I think South is a beautiful school and can be a wonderful success if the kids will only take advantage of the opportunities instead of complaining about how much better school was last year. After all, it took hardworking, school-spirited kids to make East and West what they are today. How about South?"
Sue '65, "I walked around a section of homerooms twice before I realized I was walking in a circle."
Judy '65, "I feel very definitely school spirit has improved. Most of us are from the same area so we've known each other longer. I think this makes us feel more a part of the school. Then, too, the newness of the school improves the spirit. Oddly enough, even the teachers are friendly."
... Not part of school yet
Vicki '65, "I don't feel a part of the school yet to have school spirit. Once I'm used to it, I think I'll feel more a part of it. The only complaint I have is the lack of variety in the school lunches."
Betty '66, "My first impression of Maine South was one of disbelief. I still don't believe how easily I can get lost. I've never seen an entire school of frosh before."
Sharon '67, "My first impression was the freshmen were running everything. They were here a day earlier and knew their way around. It wasn't fair."
Patsy '65, "My first impression of our new Maine South is very exciting. It is different from all other schools because it is quite modern and colorful. The atmosphere, I believe is made fresher by the beautiful, clean halls and rooms (which I hope will stay that way)."
Sandy '66, "Boy, I've never seen so much confusion! Everyone was just roaming around looking for wings marked C, V, PA, etc. I sure hope I figure out which is which before I graduate."
... Prospects of greatness
Cheryl '65, "I think it shows the prospects of being a great school. It shows a lot more life than the old one--even the lockers are lively. The rooms are nice except the ones that have chairs that break every now and then. The spirit of the kids is great--if only we can keep it that way."
Jeff '67, "When they told me it was the girls' lockerroom, I knew it wasn't my English class."