October 1964

Mock convention is a 1st at Maine schools
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   Maine South's mock election, originated by Mr. Baker, government teacher at Maine South, will be held October 28 and 29. The election will be conducted just as the regular elections are--students will register and vote for national, state, and local officials.
   This convention is the first of its kind to be held in the Maine Township High School system.
   Registration, which will be held October 21 and 22 is designed to give students an understanding of the American political process. To enhance the reality of registration, forms used will resemble ones used in national elections. Students not registered will not be permitted to vote.
   Voting will also be similar to the real process; paper ballot, however, will be used instead of voting machines.
   The main objectives of the mock elections are: to familiarize Maine students with the American political process in action and to provide students with an opportunity to learn about their candidates and to express their political beliefs through voting
...Emphasis on voting
   According to Mr. Baker, "Our main emphasis will be on getting out the vote rather than on the outcome of the election. We have no desire to conduct a heated campaign."
   The campaign will be conducted by two partisan organizations. Campaigning will be restricted to buttons (to be worn moderately) and campaign literature. Because the emphasis will be on getting the students to register and vote, neither organization will be allowed to put up posters or hold demonstrations.
...Parties organize
   Both parties have held organizational meetings. Chairman of the Republican organization is Hillary Rodham '65; the Democratic is headed by Matt '67, chairman, and Ellen '65, cochairman. These people will direct the entire campaign.
   "I expect the election to generate a lot of excitement and interest in the entire slate of candidates," Mr. Baker commented. "I hope that a large percentage of the student body will take the time to investigate candidates, register and vote."